Smart Learning : Activities & Ideas

This site acts as an archive of a website that accompanied a PhD research project into smart learning. The project was live from 2016-2021.

On location and learning, an introduction.

The original introduction

This site is about learning journeys situated in the Maltese islands and in the heart of London, UK. It’s for learners and practitioners. Learning journeys use smart GPS and AR based apps for access to subject content and discussions. Learners can learn about places and people while out and about in the real world. The ‘About’ page has more details. This is a Ph.D. research project based at University of Malta. All material licensed CC BY-SA.

Please use the siteguide to navigate the content of the archived site. Much of what is available is still relevant to many kinds of on location place-based and urban learning.

Summary of this archive

This doctoral research project is now completed. I defended my PhD successfully in August 2021, after submitting the draft thesis for examination in early November 2020. Due in part to Covid I did not graduate until January 2022.

I continue to publish numerous papers about the research itself and about other aspects that arise out of the research. I have also presented for the past five years (2020-2024) at the Human Computer Interaction International conference, in the Distributed, Ambient and Pervasive Interactions track, chaired by Dr H. Patricia McKenna.